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The luxury factory of Edyta Kisiel


“Our products are always fresh out of the oven, not fresh off a truck”

Made in Australia, Custom-Made Home Decor by Luxury Factory for Everyone

At Luxury Factory for Everyone, we offer expert advice, custom sewing, and delivery services for a wide range of home decor items. From tablecloths and napkins to placemats, bedding, bedspreads, and cushion covers, we cater to both indoor and outdoor settings.

Tailored to Perfection

We thrive on challenges and love playing with colors to create unique and personalized designs. Our goal is to connect with our customers and bring their visions to life, one stitch at a time.

Edyta’s Signature Style

Founder Edyta has cultivated a distinctive, iconic, and easily recognizable style in the world of home decor and luxury. Her keen eye for design ensures that every piece we create is not just beautiful but also reflects your individual style and personality.

What is on your mind?

  • Text me or send a picture
  • Receive a quote for specific works
  • Send fabric
  • Be happy and unique


Explore and have fun, stand out and be the one, and always be “in it to win it”!

[email protected]

For Hire

If you are looking for unique table cloth decorations, you’ve come to the right place.

We invite you to cooperate with us in decorating and implementing your vision.

Want to make your dream come true? We will help you with this.

We will make your – wedding day, garden party, or your personal event.

Let’s meet and talk over a good coffee where you can tell me how you want your decorations to look. With this, I will create a complete concept along with a cost estimate. If you still don’t know what exactly you want, let me show you the right path, the effect of this will be an unforgettable event which guest will certainly talk about for years.

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